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How to Install D6+ Steering Damper


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    Charles P. Henry

    Just installed the Steering Damper for the D6+. What a huge difference that damper makes. I was skeptical about the looks and how the D6+ operated with it installed. I thought it might hinder my steering into sharp corners and when I'm slowly putting around, like turning around inside the width of the road, I had no issues whatsoever. To my ultimate surprise, I'm more than satisfied with the product and thankful for Road Runner Scooters for a quick delivery. I think it's important to add that when installing the damper, I put the wire harness 'Inside', between the damper and the steering arm, which contradicts the picture above, showing the harness being on the 'Outside' of the damper. Maybe it's because of the way I have the damper's adjustment set and I did try it with the harness being on the inside and it restricted my turning to the right. I couldn't turn as sharply to the right as I could with turning to the left. Just thought I'd share this little tidbit. #LetsRide 


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