How to Install D6+ Steering Damper



We will begin by removing the two front deck screws. Then, attach the base plate using the two m6 bolts provided. Tighten down with a 5mm allen key. 



Once this is done, it is time to install the steering bracket. We begin by removing the headlight bolt and detaching the headlight and bracket. Using the same bolt and hole, attach the steering bracket over the headlight bracket like so: 20211206_102015.jpg


Now it is time to attach the damper. Slide the clamp over the damper, but do not tighten the 5mm bolt yet:



Now, we will attach both eyelets of the damper to the scooter. Use both m8 bolts to attach the damper as shown: 



Once the two bolts are fastened using a 6mm allen key, it is time to adjust the collar to the correct position. I recommend placing it at about 8mm. In the following picture, the measurements are located on the underside of the damper, so please flip it back once you have found the correct position. It should look just like the image above (not below).  20211206_102655.jpg


It is up to you where you fasten down the collar, but just make sure that it is able to swing in its full range of motion without bumping into the scooter. Once the damper is installed, it can be adjusted using the dial. Increasing the damping will increase how difficult it is to turn, and how much vibration it will reduce. You are looking for a balance between easy turning and effective damping. If you have any questions, please reach out to 

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    Charles P. Henry
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    Just installed the Steering Damper for the D6+. What a huge difference that damper makes. I was skeptical about the looks and how the D6+ operated with it installed. I thought it might hinder my steering into sharp corners and when I'm slowly putting around, like turning around inside the width of the road, I had no issues whatsoever. To my ultimate surprise, I'm more than satisfied with the product and thankful for Road Runner Scooters for a quick delivery. I think it's important to add that when installing the damper, I put the wire harness 'Inside', between the damper and the steering arm, which contradicts the picture above, showing the harness being on the 'Outside' of the damper. Maybe it's because of the way I have the damper's adjustment set and I did try it with the harness being on the inside and it restricted my turning to the right. I couldn't turn as sharply to the right as I could with turning to the left. Just thought I'd share this little tidbit. #LetsRide 


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