What do I need to know about the batteries?

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Lithium-ion battery packs in the sizes we sell typically have a lifespan of 400-700 charging cycles. Due to the chemistry inherent in these batteries, it is normal to experience a decrease in riding range and maximum voltage overtime due to diminishing cell capacity.

There is a lot of technical information on how to prolong battery lifespan - for all the details, have a look at this article.

The most straight forward tips are as follows:

  • batteries like it cool - do not to get too hot while charging OR riding. While lithium-ion batteries handle cold weather better than most other battery types. When the temperature is too high or low it will always compromise their ability to store and release energy. We recommend storing your scooter at 50 F - 70 F for optimal performance.
  • batteries need to breathe. The battery needs constant air flow, in order to remain cool.
  • batteries cannot get wet, Do not ride thru standing water (puddles) or snow where moisture where moisture can possibly splash into the deck and onto the battery. Water damaged scooters are not covered under Roadrunner's warranty guarantee. 
  • charge slow if possible. The smaller the battery pack (in Ah) the slower it likes to be charged. If you are concerned about battery life, use the normal 2A chargers that came with your scooter. 
  • don't overcharge - our chargers will turn off automatically when the battery is full but we recommend removing the charger from the scooter's charging port after it has completed charging (the light will be green)

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