What are the differences between the D4+2.0 and the D4+4.0?


Some differences between the D4+2.0 and the D4+4.0 will be the suspension and brakes. The D4+2.0 has a dual spring front and rear suspension and front and rear EBS disc brakes. The D4+4.0 will have a C-type with front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers. The D4+4.0 also includes a sinewave controller, as well as a steering damper included with purchase, making for an ultra-smooth ride! Repairs are easy with the D4+4.0, as many of the components are not plug-and-play, making at-home repairs a breeze. Another difference between the two is the color options; the D4+2.0 will come in black and the D4+4.0 will come in blue.

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