What are the differences between the D4+4.0 and the RS5 MAX?


The greatest differences between the D4+4.0 and the RS5 MAX will be the motor and battery. The D4+4.0 will have a 2000W (1000W x 2) dual motor with a top speed of 40mph*. Compared to the MAX with a powerful 2800W (1400W x 2) and a top speed of up to 50mph*. The D4+4.0 has a 52V 23Ah lithium-ion battery giving it a range of up to 40 miles*. The MAX has a removable 52V 32Ah lithium-ion LG battery with a range up to 60 miles*.

The MAX will also have an upgraded design with new LED lighting and a repositioned headlight for greater visibility. It also has a new deck lid key lock (compared to the older model combination lock) and a louder horn for rider safety. 


 *Ranges and speeds vary depending on the riding style and weight of the rider.

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